(Finally) Run a successful freelance writing business without relying on low-paying and demanding clients from Upwork and Fiverr

With the Freelance Writer Collective

A teeny freelance writing membership that helps freelance writers double their rates, get better organized, and make more while working less without relying on sites like Upwork and Fiverr. At an unbeatable price.

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Ahhh freelance writing

You thought going into it would be all fun and games. However, it was…

Constantly applying for low paying gigs on Upwork (more like Downwork), People Per Hour, Fiverr, and the like

Having to write a ton of articles at an abysmally low rate just to make a decent monthly wage

Clients leaving you for AI or using it as a bargaining chip to get you to lower your rates

Constantly needing to attend Zoom calls with demanding clients who want to get the most out of the peanuts they pay you (they will probably get you to walk their dog and babysit their kids if this wasn’t an online service and you lived close by)

Which of these problems do you face?

Nevermind. Because you can kiss ‘em all goodbye.

You see, I faced these same problems when I got into freelance writing 14 years ago. Back then, I used to get my clients through Odesk (now Upwork) and Fiverr. 

I used to grind away writing $5 articles for highly demanding clients. I barely made enough to support myself every month. 

However, I was able to slowly grow and build a successful freelance writing business. Now, I work with dream clients. Some of my current and past clients, include AppSumo, Hostinger, Crazy Egg, and Tailwind. I have been paid as high as $6,500 for a single content piece. 

And I have helped several other freelance writers increase their rates and get better pay. 

"If you're on the fence about working with Mitt, this is your sign to go for it! After just one week of coaching, I was able to more than double my rates. I asked for $0.10 per word, and now I'm getting $0.25. And within 3 months of working with Mitt, I consistently made $7 to $8k monthly. Now I’m on my way toward earning even more. I’m also able to be more choosey about the type of clients I work with — increasing my rates and working with less demanding customers has freed up my time and helped me make more while working less. I have more time for my side businesses and my family, and overall simply have more time for myself. Mitt is personable and knowledgeable. His teaching style is easy to understand and follow, and I got so much value from working with him. Trust me: if you want to start earning more as a writer, taking his coaching program is step one!"

Molli Sébrier

Freelance Writer at Plume Content​

"I've been working with Mitt to scale my freelancing biz for a couple of months and he's the absolute best. With his advice on how to position my services, I was able to 2x my rates for blog posts (from $300 -> $1200). Mitt spends each session sharing actionable steps on how to find the dream clients and build an irresistible value proposition that results in a win-win situation. His mentorship is invaluable. Highly recommend you work with him if you want to become a successful freelancer and get out of the feast or famine mode."

Sneh Ratna Choudhary

B2B Freelance Writer

It took me a long time to figure out how to get high paying clients because when I started out, there were not many affordable courses for freelance writers. Even now, courses cost hundreds of dollars, and coaching goes into thousands. 

This is why I created the Freelance Writer Collective, a membership program for freelance writers that provides immense value at an unbelievably affordable price. 

What you get with Freelance Writer Collective

Monthly Live Q&A Calls

On the Thursday of the 3rd week of every month we will get together on Zoom for 1 to 3 hours. I will wash and comb my hair and everything and even send the dog to a sitter so I can answer all your questions without any interruptions. 

I will answer any questions you have about running a freelance writing business, getting clients, keeping them, negotiating better rates, sending proposals, managing time better, cold outreach, how I run my own business, writing content, etc. 

If you can't make the live call, you can submit your questions in advance. As long as you remain a member, you will have access to the recordings. 

The first one will be on the 20th of this month. 

[$83 value per month]

Freelance Writer Cold Outreach Mastery Live

All the founding members who join within the first month will be able to attend the only live sessions of Freelance Writer Cold Outreach Mastery. 

This will include 4 live calls where I show you a compelling cold outreach strategy that will help you acquire better paying, stress free clients. You won’t have to ever rely on places like Upwork and Fiverr to get clients. I will also share some automation hacks so you can reach more prospects with less work without sacrificing quality. 

I use the same strategy in my business, and it’s helped me generate thousands of dollars. 

After my presentation on each call, you can ask me any questions about cold outreach. This goes for all 4 calls. 

You will also receive outreach templates that make it easy to implement what you learn. 

I won’t be doing another session of Freelance Writer Cold Outreach Mastry again. In fact, I will package the recordings and sell them for $100. 

Future members of the Freelance Writing Collective will also be able to access the recordings, but they won’t be able to take advantage of the live version and interact with me during the call or ask questions. 

1st call starts on 3rd July. I want to give a full month for enough founding members to join.

[Value $100]

One monthly training

In the first week of very month, I will release a training related to running a freelance writing business. This could be on getting clients, time management, negotiation, scaling, writing, niche selection, etc. 

I will offer a selection of things I could cover. Members can vote on their favorites and I will record the video. 

This month’s recording is on how I got, stole, snuck, a $3,000 per month client from Upwork. 

Upwork is a cesspool that I don’t recommend writers to use. 

There are some gems in there, but most of the job postings are scams and companies taking advantage of desperate writers. 

I have fallen for them and lost a lot of money when I used Odesk and Elance (formerly Upwork). And they chose not to protect me in any way. 

I have never used Upwork before, but in 2021, I wanted a specific client type in a specific niche and country. So, I looked for clients in this country and niche many places online including, Upwork. And I found them, but I didn’t want them to hire me on Upwork, so I used an alternate strategy to land them. 

This month’s recording will show you the exact strategy I used. I got permission from my client to share this. 

I will show you the exact strategy I used to find clients that pay well, the emails I sent, the responses I got, and so much more. 

You will get access to this in the community area when you join. It’s already there. 

[Value $50 per month]

One monthly template

I will accompany the monthly training with a copy and paste template you can use to implement the training right away. 

The first month’s templates will be the emails I sent to get the client and the checklist I used to qualify prospects. 

You will get access to this in the community area when you join. It’s already there. 

[Value $30 per month]

Monthly guest expert session

On the Monday of the 4th week of every month, I will invite a guest expert who is a successful freelance writer or has an agency and interview them live. You can join us for the session and also ask any questions. 

This month’s will be on the 24th. 

You can watch the recordings if you don’t attend the live one. 

[Value $99 per month]

Extra quarterly guest expert session

At the end of every quarter, I will invite another guest expert and interview them. Again, you can ask any questions you have. 

This will be an expert in a niche that doesn’t involve freelance writing, but in an area that is important for running a freelance writing business. 

You can watch the recordings if you don’t attend the live one. 

[Value $99 per month]

Premium community

You will also have access to a premium Facebook community where you can ask questions and interact with other group members. We will personally answer any questions you have. I will also be sharing some exclusive content here. 

[Value $150 per month]

Recordings of previous calls and recordings

You will also get access to a library where you can watch Q&A call recordings, monthly training videos, and guest expert recordings. You will have access to them as long as you are a member. 

[Value $99 per month]

Total Value: $710 per month

The total value for this is $710 per month, but you can get it all for just $9 per month or $79 per year. However, anyone who joins the annual plan by the end of June 30th 2024 will get it for just $49 per year. It’s our special founding member discount.

I'm Mitt

I live in France with my dog, Finnan. I started offering freelance writing services over 14 years ago and have written thousands of blog posts, white papers, case studies, ebooks, and other types of content for brands like AppSumo, Hostinger, and scores of other companies. 

I have been featured on sites like Business Insider, Wired, Social Media Examiner, Problogger, and Content Marketing Institute. I am also the author of the book White Paper Marketing. 

I have also helped several freelance writers increase their rates, get better clients, and run smoothly flowing freelance writing businesses while working less.



  • $9 per month
  • Cancel any time
  • 30 day money back guarantee



  • Normally $79  
  • Cancel any time
  • 30 day money back guarantee

$49 ($30 less) till 31st June 2024


Annual + 1:1 call with Mitt

  • Normally $479
  • Annual Plan (worth $79)
  • One 1:1 60 minute Clarity Call with Mitt (Worth $400)

$175 ($274 less) for the first year, then $49 per year, when purchased before 30th June 2024

$175 now, then $49/year

Membership + Course

  • Normally $2887
  • Lifetime Plan (worth $790)
  • 1:1 60 minute Clarity Call with Mitt (worth $400)
  • Critique of Website, LinkedIn profile, Niche, or outreach strategy ( worth $197)
  • Lifetime access to B2B Freelance Writing Mastery Course with 9 modules + templates (worth $1,500) [Out on June 20th]

One time payment of $397 for lifetime access

One time payment of $397


How am I getting all this for just $9 per month?

I have been working with freelance writers 1:1 to grow their businesses for a while now. I also recently launched a group coaching program to help more writers. But I was very selective about who I let in and had detailed conversations with every writer. During these conversations, I realized that many writers who can’t spend thousands of dollars on coaching and need a more affordable solution. Especially now, with the rise of AI. They wanted to work with me, but couldn’t afford to, so I created the Freelance Writer Collective at an extremely affordable rate. 

I want to know more about the Q+A calls?

The calls follow a simple format where we go live at a specific time and day ever month and you ask me any questions you have about freelance writing or running a freelance writing business and I answer them no strings attached. 

I want to know more about the community?

We have a Facebook community where you can ask questions and communicate with other writers. And a library where you can access the recordings. 

I want to know more about the templates?

The copy and paste templates will help you put what you learn every month into use quickly. 

I don’t have any clients yet?

This is a great community for beginner and intermediate writers. So, if you don’t have any clients yet you can use the trainings and calls to get your first few clients and then some more.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Monthly and Annual plans

If you are unsatisfied with the Monthly or Annual plans, just email us within 30 days of purchase, and we will give you a full refund. The money back guarantee is only available with the Monthly and Annual plans and not with Annual + 1:1 call with Mitt and Membership + Course plans because those calls include sessions with Mitt, which we can’t refund.