How to Beat AI and Get 4 High Ticket Freelance Writing Clients in The Next 60 Days Without Using Sites Like Upwork [Masterclass Replay]

3 behind the scene secrets to a successful freelance content writing career in 2024 and beyond

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What You'll Learn In this Masterclass Replay

  • A simple outreach strategy that will get you clients that pay $500 to $1,500 per blog post in the next 60 days without using sites like Upwork or content mills
  • AI proofing your business - working with clients that prefer human written content over AI
  • Staying away from clients who micromanage you, waste your time, and stress you out
  • Avoiding the feast and famine cycle
  • Make more money writing while working less so you have more free time for your family and other fun activities


Mitt Ray lives in Paris, France, with his dog, Finnan. He started offering freelance writing services over 14 years ago and has written thousands of blog posts, white papers, case studies, ebooks, and other types of content for brands like AppSumo, Hostinger, and scores of other companies.

His work has been featured on sites like Business Insider, Wired, Social Media Examiner, Problogger, and Content Marketing Institute. He is also the author of the book White Paper Marketing.

Mitt has also helped several freelance writers increase their rates, get better clients, and run smoothly flowing freelance writing businesses.

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"After just one week of coaching, I was able to more than double my rates. I asked for $0.10 per word, and now I'm getting $0.25. And within 3 months of working with Mitt, I consistently made $7 to $8k monthly. Now I’m on my way toward earning even more.

I’m also able to be more choosey about the type of clients I work with — increasing my rates and working with less demanding customers has freed up my time and helped me make more while working less. I have more time for my side businesses and my family, and overall simply have more time for myself. Mitt is personable and knowledgeable. His teaching style is easy to understand and follow, and I got so much value from working with him. Trust me: if you want to start earning more as a writer, taking his coaching program is step one!"

Molli Sébrier, Freelance Writer at Plume Content​

"I've been working with Mitt to scale my freelancing biz for a couple of months and he's the absolute best. With his advice on how to position my services, I was able to 4x my rates for blog posts (from $300 -> $1200). Mitt spends each session sharing actionable steps on how to find the dream clients and build an irresistible value proposition that results in a win-win situation. His mentorship is invaluable. Highly recommend you work with him if you want to become a successful freelancer and get out of the feast or famine mode."

Sneh Ratna Choudhary, B2B Freelance Writer

"Mitt has written a LOT of white papers, and generously shares his tips on how to get started, how to write white papers, what to charge, and how to find white-paper clients. I know the Webinar he presented to my community will be a valuable recording for members for years to come."

Carol Tice, Freelance Writers Den